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As a small private club with limited members it is always difficult to keep the club going with limited opportunities to raise funds for equipment etc and to keep the club going, with recent years the margin being so slight after paying river levvies, committee members were funding such things as website, fuel, etc out of their own pockets in order to keep ticket prices as low as possible.

This year has seen a swing in our favour, with the day tickets assisting to give us some leeway, and in turn should allow us to purchase some new equipment in the close season, however we would like to purchase several new strimmers and new signage and some badly required new trophies, to do this we need your help, we will also be announcing a fundraising night and raffle for next year.

Next year we hope to continue the £10 day ticket scheme which worked so well for us this season, on top of that we would like to introduce our new fundraising ideas, sponsor a pool or make a donation.

Sponsor/Name a Pool

For each season we will have in place sponsor a pool, this allows an individual or business to have a named pool - renamed for the season to something of their choosing, this will include coverage on all social media and press inserts, a signpost at each named pool with your chosen design/name/image for the year.

For example Millars Pool - could be renamed to The Taylor’s Scaffolding Pool with the accompanying signpost in place for the year.

The sponsorship of a pool lasts for the season Feb 26th until October 31st

Named areas available Dunrannie, Greystaines, corner pool, The Straight(from corner pool to dunrannie), Weirs pools(top, middle, bottom) Metal bench, Millars, The tanks, 15th Tee, Railway Bridge, cochranes, The wires.

Price of years sponsorship will be £50 own sign can be supplied if you wish or one can be supplied by us, for further details send an email to or click the pay now button, alternatively you can always make a donation securely using the donate button.

If you would like to have your business advertised on our website, and think you can assist us in bettering our club, please get in touch, we would be happy to consider any options from raffle donations to materials & Equipment


Purchase Sponsorship


Make a Donation

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